Emotion-Centered Consultant/Advisor


Hola! My name is Eva and I work as an Experience Conceptual Designer and Advisor through Studio Qualia718, committed to positive innovation. I work at the interjection of affect/emotions, design/creativity and technology.

I also serve as the CEO of Raising the Floor-International (an international not-for-profit association committed to the advancement of social equity through digital inclusion), and at the Advisory Board of the Doug Engelbart Institute (committed to boosting Collective IQ to solve important challenges).

Areas of particular interest are: quality of life, education, inclusion, health, fun aging (not an oxymoron), and overall wellbeing.

As a researcher, I have designed a couple of methodologies such as The Joy of Learning, Emotion-Centered Design (ECD) and the Ten Emotion Heuristics (adopted by Microsoft UX Global team in 2020).  

Personal note:

I am the really proud mother of my two sons Babin and Amine, together we sail in this exciting journey of self-discovery, while on our pursuit for love and joy in our lives and the world around us.