I have worked with professionals in leadership and decision-making roles for more than 25 years. I specialize in working with companies and organizations looking for new paths of growth. As an advisor and consultant, I help plan, create and develop new ideas, concepts and solutions.

I am an experience collector, with a special ability to understand the big picture and help guide change. And I do so by bringing together life experiences, data, ethnography, trends, books, information, thinkers and ongoing learnings, to help improve, grow, solve a problem or re-think a project. 

My diverse background – in psychology, communications, technology, consumer behaviour, design, marketing/PR, visual arts, education, travel, music, public administration, health, media, publishing, UX, web services and others – offers others out-of-the-box thinking, a fresh lens and unique viewpoint through which to innovate, think and act differently.

Presently, I collaborate with Raising the Floor-International (RtF-I) to help build the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure, with Grupo-SM/Educamos, and with a couple of individuals (entrepreneurs, investors…).

I also serve as an Advisor and Strategist at SEKG (sekg.net), and the Doug Engelbart Institute (dougengelbart.org).