Eva de Lera

Strategy Advisor

the sound age

I believe that sound/audio has been neglected for too long. Back in 2018-19 I contacted the top 100 wineries from Wine Spectator, my home sports’ team (Barça), many others, and even sent press releases, to try and excite makers and marketers about creating enriched experiences using audio, for free!

I do not take the absence of responses or comments as a failure, I want to believe that there are other reasons (allergies to new ideas, lack of vision, lack of time, who knows?) for them not using sounds to strengthen connections, retain attention, enhance value, and so much more (i.e. audio of the sommelier on the wine bottle, behind the scenes’s story on a product label, music on a print ad, the sang hymn of your team on the sports t-shirt or a drink brand promoting new music or poetry daily, using the same QR, just uploading a different file).

I believe there is a place for more sound in the near future. Do you?

mind industry

I am curious about the potential link between the research of Joe Dispenza (re. how meditation can affect the body), David Sinclair (reverse aging, tips i.e. not overeating or short cold experiences) and Guang H Yue‘s (re. motor imagery practice for muscle activation and growth). Could the sense of hunger and cold be triggered by the mind? Could we develop “mindical” (vs. medical) therapies and give people further control over their wellbeing? What is the mind-industry potential and which are the industries at risk with its growth?