Emotions Advisor


Hola! My name is Eva and I work as a Strategic Creative Advisor, assisting/guiding leadership and innovation professionals in ideating the best person-centered solutions, ideas and/or strategies to improve outcomes & return on mission.

For more than 25 years (who’s counting?), I’ve intertwined Emotions, Communications, Technology and Innovation to help guide out-of-the-box thinking in organizations.

I love what I do!

Tilakka Experience Label Concept

In January 2020, I began to share the “tilakka code/label” concept through the experiential brand, Tilakka. “Tilakkas” help add a new value layer to that which is seen, felt or experienced, hence the slogan: “more than meets the eye”. It can be the designer’s story about the piece, the Sommelier describing the wine, nature sounds on the candle, or facts about how something was made.

There are infinite possibilities and I wanted to spread the word about its beneficial impact, for I believe in creating stronger and more authentic bonds between makers and end-usuers.

V. 2 - TILAKKA LABEL - IDEAS (600x600)

I used the 45º spin to serve as a way to “flag an experience”.

The Tilakka App is also friendlier, shows a “play” button when there’s an .mp3 file on the other side, or displaying a text tilakka, as on a page (other readers could update the use of QR codes and provide friendlier experiences).

I LOVE YOU - text tilakka - screen  play-screenshot