Eva de Lera is an innovation consultant and advisor specialized in combining extremely diverse food of data, knowledge and experience to help organizations develop new concepts, ideas and strategies, and design new paths of growth.

Eva is an experience collector. She brings over twenty-five years of experience in multiple areas of expertise and industries (i.e. psychology, communications, technology, consumer products, auto, education, travel, music, public administration, health, media, publishing, UX, web services and others), to offer clients a fresh lens and unique viewpoint through which to innovate, think and act differently.

As a consultant through her firm Lilacom, she works with several and changing clients.

Eva also serves as the Executive Director at Raising the Floor-I (raisingthefloor.org), is an Advisor and Strategist at SEKG (sekg.net), a member of the Advisory Council at the Doug Engelbart Institute (dougengelbart.org) and continues her involvement with music through Tatjer (tatjer.com).

Please contact Eva for more information.