Strategic Creative Advisor


Work experience

Hola! For more than 25 years, I have been working as a Strategic Creative Advisor, assisting/guiding leadership and innovation professionals in ideating the best person-centered solutions, ideas and/or strategies to achieve a return on investment and, most importantly, a return on mission.

I specialize in conceptualizing technological solutions that involve (and wishes to improve) people’s emotional dimension.

Tilakka, the experience label/code

Tilakka Experience Label Concept

In September 2019, I openly shared the “experience code” concept through Tilakka.art. “Tilakkas” unlock a world of endless possibilities for augmented experiential concepts (stories, music, words, etc.), when attached to products, spaces, ads, books, etc.. They’re easy to create & free to implement (just add the tilakka to an existing label, sign or graphic art).


And last but most important, I am the really proud mother of my two sons Babin and Amine, together we sail in this exciting journey of self-discovery, while on our pursuit for love and joy in our lives and the world around us.