Strategic Creative Advisor


Hola! My name is Eva and I am passionate about positive innovation.

Through Studio Qualia718, I work intertwining psychology, media/ICT and creativity.

I currently advise social-centered companies and organizations, serve as the Executive Director of Raising the Floor – International and the Advisory Board of the Doug Engelbart Institute.

Areas of particular interest are joy, learning, inclusion, ageing and emotional wellbeing.

I also enjoy spreading new-at-the-time ideas and concepts that I believe could benefit people (i.e. trust-economy, time-economy, myfriendshomes, art-a-ride, smiling4change and, most recently, Tilakka, the “experience code”).

Tilakka ideas, to place the wine-tasting audio in a wine bottle, the voice of the shoe designer speak about a design, the makers of the handmade bag share weaving techniques.

Personal note:

I am the really proud mother of my two sons Babin and Amine, together we sail in this exciting journey of self-discovery, while on our pursuit for love and joy in our lives and the world around us.