Emotion-Centered Consultant/Advisor


Hola! My name is Eva and I am the Founder of Studio Qualia718, a boutique research and consulting firm dedicated to positive innovation.

I also serve as the Executive Director of Raising the Floor-International (an international not-for-profit association committed to the advancement of social equity through digital inclusion), and at the Advisory Board of the Doug Engelbart Institute (committed to boosting Collective IQ to solve important challenges).

Areas of particular interest are: quality of life, education, inclusion, health, fun aging (not an oxymoron), and overall wellbeing.

I also personally contribute to challenges-that-matter by ideating and openly sharing new-at-the-time concepts and strategies, such as 1993’s Art-a-Ride (inviting communities to create lo-cost stylish wheelchairs, specially thought for kids & teens), 2006’s myfriendshomes (promoting traveling through 6-degrees-of-separation friends’ homes, choosing the degree of trust), 2013’s LeaderSigns (inviting world leaders to use sign language during major events), 2017’s Smiling4Change (my 5-day NY walk spreading the benefits of smiling, even if fake, for a nicer & more peaceful world), and 2016’s Tilakka.art (introducing and disseminating the experience-label concept, to encourage placing authentic and unique audio-stories/experiences in products/prints/spaces to create stronger bonds and connections, and help retain the person’s attention right then and there). Tilakka’s App offers a better experience when scanning a text or audio file, QR scanner 2.0, designed for capturing experiences (vs. redirecting to additional information). 

Tilakka ideas, to place the wine-tasting audio in a wine bottle, the voice of the shoe designer speak about a design, the makers of the handmade bag share weaving techniques.

As a researcher in Emotions, I have authored several publications in educational technology, inclusive technologies and human computer interaction, including the Joy of Learning, Emotion-Centered Design (ECD) and the Ten Emotion Heuristics (adopted by Microsoft UX Global team in 2020).  

Personal note:

I am the really proud mother of my two sons Babin and Amine, together we sail in this exciting journey of self-discovery, while on our pursuit for love and joy in our lives and the world around us.