Eva de Lera

Strategy Advisor

studio qualia718

Research, Strategy & Innovation

Studio Qualia718 is an experience-centered research organization providing insights and recommendations to value/person-centered organizations committed to help solve challenges that matter (i.e. non-profits, start-ups, academia and government organizations).

We participate in projects as experience guides, evaluators and/or auditors, to ensure people’s perceived experiences are incorporated and accounted for throughout conceptualization, design and development processes.

Studio Qualia718 brings more than 3 decades of multi-disciplinary & cross-sector experiences, as well as its own methods and approaches, such as “Fresh-thinking” (express creative ideation method), “Emotion Centered Design” and “Ten Emotions Heuristics“ (adopted by Microsoft UX Global in 2020).

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about how we could collaborate.

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