Strategic Creative Advisor

studio qualia718

We are dedicated to advancing positive innovation by applying out-of-the-box strategies, concepts and methodologies, to help create or improve solutions that lead to positive applications in society.

What we do:

Research, to help identify challenges, opportunities and help guide design. 

Conceptual design, to help generate new ideas, solutions, services, etc.

Integration, to onboard tools that make ICT inclusive (i.e. UI Options).

Assessment, to help evaluate existing or new systems.

Inclusive Design training, to prepare for inclusive and emotion-centered practices.

Advocacy, to promote the benefits inclusive and emotion-centered design.

Our extended interdisciplinary knowledge and experience delivers a unique point of view to organizations looking for different perspectives and ways of doing things.

Sample projects:

MyWay – Int’l award winning project (UOC, 2008 launch). From a single base document, UOC’s system instantly generates different output formats for 70.000+ unique online students: voice, web, paper books, e-books or Daisy (a system used by visually impaired people).

Ten Emotion Heuristics – Guidelines, adopted by Microsoft UX Global in 2020, for assessing online users’ affective dimension, easily and cost-effectively. 

Prosperity4All – EU FP7 funded project that facilitated the development of a prosperous and inclusive ecosystem for a ubiquitous auto-personalization of interfaces and materials.

Our current activity is in social inclusion, digital equity and educational technology, where we have more than 25 years intertwining technology, psychology and creativity.

By facilitating positive innovation through unique practices and processes, Studio Qualia718 helps make companies and organizations more innovative, inclusive, sustainable and effective.

Contact us if you’re interested in collaborating.