Emotion-Centered Consultant/Advisor

studio qualia718

We are committed to advancing positive innovation by applying out-of-the-box emotion-centered strategies and XD (experience design), concepts and methodologies to design, create or enhance solutions that spark positive affect. We help organizations with:

  • Research, to identify challenges, opportunities and help inform design. 
  • Conceptual design, to generate new ideas, solutions, services, etc.
  • Assessment, to evaluate existing or new solutions.
  • Education, to share know-how on inclusive-centered practices.
  • Advocacy, to promote the benefits of inclusion and positive innovation.

We’ve been designing solutions for more than 25 years, intertwining technology, psychology and creativity, in collaboration with global experts, people and other organizations.

We continue to work with companies and organizations that care about people and the world we live in.

Contact me if you’re interested in collaborating.

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