Emotion-Centered Consultant/Advisor


I believe it was a constellation of factors that nurtured my work: diverse life and work experiences while living in Barcelona, London and NYC, immersing myself in the world of arts & crafts, computers, acting, TV, PR/communications, music, dance, film/video, marketing, UX design, psychology, Media/IT, business, finance, entrepreneurship, etc.

Curious and creative since young, my obstacle was Time. It was limited.

Published research

In 2015, I introduced the Emotion-Centered Design (ECD) methodology at HCII, as a way to help prioritize the person’s emotional moment, vs. designing for a one-dimensional individual.

Some of my previous educational technology work led me to the publication of the 2006 Ten Emotion Heuristics (adopted by Microsoft UX global team in 2020), The Joy of Learning (2007), and the Enjoy Guidelines (2008).

More publications can be found at Research Gate or Academia.edu.

Formal education

I began my studies in programming, creative writing, music and video directing in the 80s, later studied music at the Aaron Copland School of Music and New York University (NYU), and earned a BA in Psychology and a couple of other programs also at NYU (Film & Video production, PR/Communications and Small Business Administration).

I later received an MA in Information Society from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and have an all-but-dissertation PhD from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV).

I’m presently playing the bass and singing jazz in a couple of SoNA‘s school bands, and I’m also taking a couple of online acting classes. Fun stuff.