Strategic Creative Advisor


A constellation of factors nurtured my creativity. Diverse life and work experiences in London, NY, Barcelona. From arts & crafts to computer programming, acting, TV, PR, music, dance, film/video, marketing, design, psychology, ICT, finance, entrepreneurship, etc., if there was something new that looked like fun, I simply had to give it a test drive.

Since June of 2001, I’ve lived between Barcelona and the US, solely working as an advisor, sharing my insights with companies and organizations, to help guide associative and outside the box thinking, to ideate new solutions and ways for doing things.

Emotions, Technology and Innovation, have always been a constant in both my personal and professional lives.


Some of my educational technology client work led me to the publication of the 10 Emotion Heuristics and The Joy of Learning, and the Enjoy Guidelines. The 2014’s Emotion-Centered Design (ECD) proposed a methodology that prioritizes the person’s emotional moment, vs. designing for a one-dimensional individual. Other research can be found at Research Gate or Academia.edu.


I began my studies in computer programming, creative writing, music and video in the 80s, studied music at the Aaron Copland School of Music and New York University, earned a BA in Psychology, and a PR/Communications and Small Business Administration certification from this University (NYU).

I also have an MA in Information Society from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and I successfully piloted my PhD project, an online educational program for educators to use lyrics-writing to emotionally help kids and teens at risk of exclusion (Universitat Rovira i Virgili – URV). This program has been widely adopted by the pilot schools and expanded geographically as well.