Innovation Consultant


I enjoy working with organizations that are aligned with my values:

– Positive impact on people and the environment.

– Integrity, inclusion and diversity.

– Deep respect for everyone, everything.

Some of my personal time is committed to help solve challenges-that-matter:

– art-a-ride, promoting easy and affordable ways for customizing wheelchairs to have these integrated in the user’s lifestyle,

Eo-l (Executive Women On-Line), the first online network for professional women in Spain (currently 800+ members),

– evangelized on the the Joy of Learning,

– developed new concepts/products to help lower stress (via sensors, IoT, apps, etc.), i.e. SenseMe, a bracelet that prompts its user to take a break (for parents, educators, spirited kids, etc),

– contributed to President Obama’s campaign by donating an inclusion-strategy,

– helped older orphans by legalizing them and locating adoptive families,

– smiling4change, to promote the benefits of smiling (natural or forced),

– and ArcticCry, a music piece for Geenpeace’s “Save the Arctic” campaign.

I believe in the value of planting seeds to help make this a better world.