I learn from everything and everyone, so following please find a short (yet long) list of experiential highlights:

Formal learning experiences:

  • PhD in-progress at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), researching on Music, Technology, Education, Inclusion (previous research)
  • Masters in Information Society from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).
  • BA in Psychology from New York University (NYU).
  • Completed additional certification programs in PR, Marketing, Film and Business programs at NYU.
  • Studied Music at NYU and the Aaron Copland School of Music in NY.

Informal Learning experiences – Long list of curious bits, in chronological – approx – order:

  • Worked as the PR and press liaison for Barcelona’s public arts and music Summer festivals (since age 13). Personally worked with Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, James Brown, Jeanne Moreau, La La La Human Steps, and many more.
  • Created Luthea Salom’s first music video, in 1987.
  • Joined a street theater company and performed at Festival de Tàrrega.
  • Made documentaries and video-art, and worked with artists such as Antoni Muntadas and Antoni Miralda (The Honeymoon Project) in the late 80s.
  • Lived in London (for a year)
  • Lived in New York City (12 years)
  • Shared with Jacob’s Pillow’s curators a concept for a new dance piece that incorporated a wheelchair in the dance choreography, as a stage rolling cube in 1988.
  • Created Art-a-Ride in 1989, bringing style and aesthetics to wheelchairs, specially with kids and teens in mind.
  • Studied music and contemporary dance at NYU and the Aaron Copland School of Music.
  • Worked as news and image researcher and assistant editor at TVE, Television of Spain in New York (news coverage office in the US) in 1989-91.
  • Wrote for the New York Arts and Culture news section of Avui, a Catalan newspaper.
  • Managed Media/AV/IT Services at New York University’s Stern School of Business for 9 years (a way to get a salary + free tuition!).
  • Designed the first “smart” classrooms at NYU.
  • Designed and developed first websites, guiding the transformation from plain internet to the world wide web.
  • Wrote and produced a music album.
  • Became an entrepreneur in 2000.
  • Founded Executive Women Online in 2001 (the first online network for professional women in Spain, featured in Newsweek)
  • Enjoyed a 9-year strategic and innovative edtech/UX/International collaboration with the world’s first virtual university, UOC.
  • Published about The Joy of Learning in edtech, to help bring engagement and motivation back to education.
  • Served on the Board of Directors of the New Media Consortium.
  • Founded MyFriendsHomes.com in 2006, for people to travel the world thru friends home. MFH was later re-launched as Swaapping, inviting other founding members to join in this exciting sharing economy endeavour. But it had a very short life… and great learnings.
  • Began experimenting with sensors to understand emotions in multiple settings and scenarios in 2003 and conceptualized SenseMe a bracelet that would warn persons when their level stress increases, to take a 5′ break.
  • Founded the BarcelonaSingAlong, a live-band karaoke style event in 2013.
  • Secretly launched a LeadersSing campaign, encouraging world leaders to use sign language during some key events, to share and promote inclusiveness to the communities they serve (succeeded with a major world leader, name cannot be shared).
  • Wrote about the “Trust Economy” as a future technology trend, a reaction to the information overload produced by ICT, a need to bring the trust variable to most of internet content and services.
  • Published the Emotion-Centered Design (ECD) approach, a way for designing ICT interactions that allow each user to get a different user experience, depending on how the person is feeling at that moment.

The above is only a sample of my experience archive, I already know I will never have enough time to “taste” everything I’d like to experience and explore.