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the tilakka code

A “tilakka” is an experience hidden behind a “QR/Augmented door”, it’s “more than meets the eye”.

The “tilakka code” was introduced in 2017, showcasing the use of QRt to encourage brands, artists, makers, producers, and others to use this lo-cost/high value tool to create and embed engaging and unique experiences. To move from “more information” (being directed to a pdf or website) to “an experience” (a behind the scene’s message, personal story, artists’ voice, musice, etc.). Tilakkas offer infinite possibilities, from adding grandchildren’s messages to the family photo to embedding a sports’ hymn sang by the stadium on the club’s brand logo. In 2019 I launched Tilakka.art, to help spread the concept.

/ “Tilakkas” offer an opportunity to connect and bond with others through behind the scenes stories, sounds, poetry, music, voices of our favorite artists, authors, sports players, designers, chefs, sommeliers, etc.

/ Audio “tilakkas” are wonderful to avoid re-directing a person’s attention (as video would do), yet video and text “tilakkas” are best when justified, i.e. lack of sound access or hearing impairment.

/ “Tilakkas” are meant to help create engaging experiences and stronger and more authentic relationships.

In January 23rd of 2020 (pre-Covid), I massively, and globally shared the concept through a press release (English / Spanish), which included the pdf instructions on how to “create a tilakka“. The code was spinned 45º so it could co-exist with the traditional one (used for “more information”, vs. a unique experience).

For a nicer and more fluent experience, try   the Tilakka App. It is a QR-reader that places text on a page, and shows a “play” button when there’s an mp3 audio file behind the “tilakka”.

Visit Tilakka.art for more information or to get inspired!

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