Emotion-Centered Consultant/Advisor

a world of “tilakkas”

A Tilakka is an experience hidden behind a “QR/Augmented door”, it’s “more than meets the eye”.

In 2017 I began spreading the potential of the QRt, to encourage brands, artists, makers, and others to use this lo-cost/high value tool to create engaging and unique experiences. As a QRtist, I wanted the QRt to leave the gallery walls and populate stores, spaces, adding stories and experiences to products, signs, and many more (a world of infinite possibilities).

  • Tilakkas offer an opportunity to connect with others through behind the scenes stories, sounds, poetry, music, voices of our favorite artists, authors, sports players, designers, chefs, sommeliers, etc.
  • Audio “tilakkas” are wonderful to avoid re-directing a person’s attention (as video would do), yet video and text tilakkas are best when justified, i.e. lack of sound access or hearing impairment.
  • Tilakkas are meant to help create engaging experiences and stronger and more authentic bonds and connections.

In 2020, I massively, and globally shared the pdf instruction sheet on how to “create a tilakka“, a 45º spinned QR code that, when added to a product label, tag or sign, it would (with almost no added cost) create stronger and more authentic connections between makers and their fans.

For a better experience, use   The Tilakka App is a QR-reader that places text on a page, and shows a “play” button when there’s an mp3 audio file behind the “tilakka”.

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