Eva de Lera

Strategy Advisor

“High on Tech” psychopathic tendency

I just called my bank and insurance company, to find out how to get paid for the cost of fixing the bike that a clearly frustrated, angry and senseless individual has tried making an 8 shape with my front wheel. Two phone calls, twice an automated system, and I suddenly felt sick, nauseous, I felt an explosion of anger and anxiety and frustration and hate and disappointment and sadness in every inch of my body. SICK.

Are we blind? What have we done? How are we using technology? Has tech-addiction disconnected people from their innate empathic abilities? The world has a big problem, we have a bunch of people, companies and organizations “high on tech”, senselessly creating and developing, blindly stepping over individuals’ needs or concerns, the environment, fastly looking for the new high, unable to connect with themselves, their souls, their essences, their humanness… My new commitment: finding companies and organizations that do not use automatic voicemail systems, I don’t want 1-2-3 options or “hold” or anything that is not a nice “Hello!” from a nice human being. Will you help me identify these companies? Send me your suggestions!

OPPORTUNITY! The true scenario I’ve just described will not only bring me an opportunity to learn about the companies that care, but provides a clear opportunity for innovative people and organizations. I’m convinced that a global survey would demonstrate that an extremely high % of people have the same bodily reaction when prompted by a machine, which clearly means a solution is desperately needed. Who’s up for the challenge? Let me know if you’d like me to join in the brainstorm!

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